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Cake Spatula for Angela's Dominican Cake Mix
Cake Spatula for Angela's Dominican Cake Mix

Icing Spatula

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Enjoy Angela's Dominincan Cake Mix (Bizcocho Dominicano)

Spread frosting on your cake. This stainless steel icing spatula features one (8”inch) to meet your food-prep needs. A bent, rounded blade that's angled slightly away from the handle — with a stainless steel handle provides a firm, comfortable grip. From morning toast to birthday cupcakes, this icing knife set will have you spreading with ease.


Make sure to get your Relleno! Each Relleno is presented in a 8 ounce glass jar. The perfect sweet taste to accompany your Angela's Dominican Cake Mix. Make sure to try all three Relleno flavors : Guava/Guayaba, Pineapple/Pina and Tres Leches

Get the easy to use recipe here.