More than your traditional Dominican cake!
Angela's Dominican Cake mix is the same recipe we have used over 20 years in our top rated Brooklyn Angela's Bakery.
Follow our simple instructions and mix with butter, corn oil, pineapple juice and eggs to bake your traditional Dominican cake.
Angela's Dominican Cake has enjoyed top selling status for decades. Now bring our top selling item into your home.

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  1. What Makes Angela’s Dominican Cake Mix so different?
    The traditional decades old family recipe, fresh ingredients, and moist and light texture of Angela’s Dominican Cake Mix (Bizcocho Dominicano) distinguish it from any boxed cake mix. Our cake mix offers a recipe that is truly one-of-a-kind. The gentle sweetness and buttery flavor are amplified by our use of high-quality fresh ingredients, so it always tastes as if it just came out of the oven. The outcome is a rich, handmade, light, and moist Dominican cake that your family will enjoy and talk about for days!
  2. Why is Dominican cake different?
    The most notable characteristics of the Bizcocho Dominicano (Dominican Cake) are its lightness and moistness. It contains a lot of butter, roughly a third of it, as well as a lot of air, resulting in a cake that almost dissolves in your mouth. Bizcocho Dominicano, or Dominican cake, is a sort of cake popularized by bakeries on the island of Hispaniola's Dominican Republic. The cake's soft and light quality, as well as the meringue frosting, set it apart.  
  3. What is Suspiro Dominicano?
    The Suspiro, also known as Dominican Meringue or Dominican Frosting, is used to frost Dominican Cakes, as well as to create cake borders and decorations.
  4. What is Dominican cake frosting made of?
    Egg whites are used to make it. The meringue that emerges has crisp peaks but a smooth texture, making it ideal for coating cakes and creating complex decorations. The Suspiro will either remain soft but with firm peaks after a few hours, depending on the quantity of sugar used, or it will begin to harden after a few hours, depending on the amount of sugar added.
  5. History of Suspiro Frosting.
    The word “suspiro” can be translated in spanish as a whisper, and references the light weight texture and softness. The recipe for this frosting originated in Dominican Republic as an alternative to the French merengue omitting a few ingredients, namingly cream of tartar because of it unavailability in the warmer climate. Over the years the suspiro frosting on Dominican cake has become the staple dessert from this Caribbean island, dressing it up with vivid colors, sugar balls, and the iconic Dominican bow. 

Secret Recipe

Amazing Dominican cake. You cannot find this recipe anywhere else. Angela has the top-secret touch.

Angelas Dominican Cake Mix | bizcocho dominicano | Dominican Cake Mix Relleno

Princess Nelson

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The Best

Best Dominican cake I ever had! Period.

Angelas Dominican Cake Mix | bizcocho dominicano | Dominican Cake Mix Relleno

Sally R.

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Love their cakes! I've been buying their cakes for every special occasion!

Angelas Dominican Cake Mix | bizcocho dominicano | Dominican Cake Mix Relleno

Kelley Riva

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Most delicious cakes ever!

Angelas Dominican Cake Mix | bizcocho dominicano | Dominican Cake Mix Relleno


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