Our Story

The Angela's Bakery Story

Angela’s Bakery was established in 2003 in Brooklyn, New York by Angela Rosario, a Dominican entrepreneur who migrated to the United States. Angela’s Bakery is most well-known for it’s authentic and traditional Dominican cakes and elaborate designs and serving the community for over 18 years. Below is an interview with Rosangela, Angela’s daughter, the current owner and operator of the company and bakery. 


How did your mother Angela start the bakery? 

“My parents immigrated from the Dominican Republic and are true entrepreneurs. After several years of hard work and planning, they established two local businesses, a local mini supermarket and a fish market. But over time my mother found the day-to day tedious and wanted more. Since my mother always loved to eat sweets, she decided to take a a few culinary classes in baking.  Soon after, she started experimenting with the traditional Dominican cake recipe to make it lighter tasting with higher quality ingredients and selling slices of her homemade cakes at the supermarket for testing. They were a hit! Soon she was baking decorative cakes for special occasions full time from our home. When the demand became too big for our kitchen, we decided to convert our fish market into what today is known as the location of Angela’s Bakery. “


How did your Mother’s bakery transition to the family business it is today? 

It was always family business, and my brother Euclides and I did whatever we could to support the growth of the bakery. We understood how important it was to make the sacrifices needed to keep the business growing to serve the community.  My mother recruited us not only for our support, but also to teach us how to think like business owners by dealing with the challenges head on. And in 2013 my mother Angela decided it was time for us to take over. 

Our cake recipe is the same and our most popular item, however our design ability has really evolved. We can recreate almost any designs requested with fondant and other decorative icing materials. Our bakery also now serves a variety of traditional Dominican food items such as pastries and appetizers. We are always experimenting with new ideas and looking for ways to grow our business and meet our customers needs. 


What does Angela’s Bakery look like today? 

“Today we are blessed to share that Angela’s is doing great. Since my mother Angela retired, it has been my brother, my husband and myself managing Angela’s Bakery. We all play different important roles and work as a family team." - Rosangela, current co-owner and Angela’s daughter

 Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide easy access to a variety of our traditional Dominican heritage food products of fresh, high quality ingredients through a positive, fun, and inviting buying experience. I believe that by sharing our delicious recipes from the island of Dominican Republic, we can allow for a greater connection amongst Latinos and all cultures worldwide."

— Rosangela, President and CEO of Angela’s Bakery, Dominican Cake Mix Corporation

What’s Next? Angela’s Cake Mix!

In May 2020, Angela’s daughter Rosangela announced the launch of their cake mix product to allow customers to bring their quality tasting cake to their kitchen. The cake mix has been available online for sale since September 2020, and it’s the first of it’s kind!